Zetox 50ml by Korganika

Zetox 50ml by Korganika

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This heavy metal/ toxin removal spray is highly effective because of its main ingredient which is Zeolite Clinoptilolite.

This Zeolite is not only extremely hard to source, but is one of the most abundant minerals in the world! It has a very high absorbency and ion-exchange capacity. This means that as you spray this into your mouth, it enters your body and as it leaves, it takes the metals with it. This process occurs within hours! So most people start feeling the detox process within that time.

Clinoptilolite is made from volcanic or plutonic rock. The beauty of this minerals absorbency process is that it does not remove good bacteria or nutrients with it, just the foreign nasties. eg. heavy metals, toxins, ammonia, parasites.

Our body is filled with parasites & we would not even know it. Believe it or not, parasites growing within our body can cause an array of issues, including:



Memory Loss

Brain Fog

Bad breath

Poor Sleep



Food Cravings

Sugar Cravings

Painful sex

Loss of libido, and more.

So it is not unusual that as Zetox removes unwanted and unwelcome contaminants from your body, that you will pass parasites!

When these heavy metals are taken out of your body, you will find that you have little to no allergies, your mind is clearer, childrens motor skills are improved, your libido is higher, better sense of smell, taste, vision, clearer skin, rashes and warts disappear, moles also fall off, thicker hair, and no more period pain!

Some of the Zetox scientifcally proven benefits include:


Gut healing

Clears gastrointestinal tract

Improves state of wellbeing

Maintain gut microbiota homeostasis for healthy brain activity

helps children with developmental issues with breakthroughs

Can be used in soil to improve integrity of plants

Can be used topically to clear rashes and warts

Heightened energy levels & libido

Female fertility improved

 Don't you just want to feel how our ancestors felt when their food, water and air wasn't being contaminated?!

Best used with a binder like Alien Tears or Onyx Drops👽

Safe to use on children 1 year and up  

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult physician before starting this product or any other natural remedy.

Detoxing symptoms you may experience:

Common symptoms you may experience while detoxing are:

Stomach cramps


Passing Parasites


Sugar Cravings


Constipation or Diarrheoa


Metal taste in your mouth

Blood in stool

All these symptoms are temporary and signs that your body is working hard to remove the unwelcome contaminants.


Zeolite Clinoptilolite, Purified Water.

How to use:

Adults: start off by spraying 2 sprays in the morning and 3 at night. If you find it too energising for you at night, you may take all sprays in the morning.

Children: 2 sprays in the morning and 2 at night. If they are 1-2 years old then just do 2 sprays a day.

Topically: for use on rashes, warts, skin tags or moles, spray directly on to affected area once a day.