Detox Foot Patches by Korganika

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Detox foot patches like these have never been done before.

In addition to the amazing and detoxifying ancient Chinese herbs, Korganika has added Nigella Sativa (black seed oil) to take this detoxing experience to the next level!

Put these patches on the bottom of your feet before bed and not only will you have the best sleep, but you will wake up to find these patches have darkened as they drew out toxins from your body.

The darkness level of the patch once removed is in correlation with the amount of toxins in your body that have been drawn out by the patches.

These are single use patches so buy a few if you would like a longer detox of heavy metals.

You will see amazing results, including improved mood, mental clarity, dark circles from under eyes reduced or diminished, menopause symptoms reduced, anxiety more manageable, more solid sleeps and more.

Ingredients:Ingredients: Tourmaline, Bamboo vinegar, Wormwood, Far-infrared radiating powder, herbs, minerals, chitosan, Black seed oil (nigella sativa)