Alien Tears 30ml by Korganika

Alien Tears 30ml by Korganika

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Alien Tears

Alien Tears (Chlorophyll)


These beautiful green drops are made through the process of photosynthesis, where the pigment that is found in plants helps them absorb sunlight and turn it into energy.

It's a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium & vitamins A,C,E & K!


Alien Tears can substitute or be in addition to eating enough raw or steamed green vegetables.. Let Alien Tears do the hard work for you!


However, its greatest benefits are:

  • It's an antioxidant

Chlorophyll is considered a super food, able to eliminate free radicals, in turn protecting cells from damage.


  • Effective against Candida

Candida is a fungus/yeast infection which leads to fatigue, bad breath, brain fog, hormone imbalances & digestive problems, just to name a few. Alien Tears can slow/stop candida growth.


  • Help with iron levels

Alien Tears help with anaemia or blood loss, due to its ability to increase the amount of oxygen blood cells & its ability to speed up the process of building the red blood cells.


  • Anti-ageing properties

Because of the free radical fighting properties of Alien Tears, it can also support maintaining healthy tissues in the body.

The amount of Vitamin K present in Alien Tears can improve adrenal function.


  • Hormone balancing

Its Vitamin E content helps stimulate & regulate the production of sex hormones in all genders. 


  • Eases bad breath

Poor gut health and oral bacteria usually causes bad breath. Alien Tears not only deodorises bad breath, but also targets the source by helping establish better gut health.

  • Blood detoxification

Alien Tears can aid your liver in eliminating heavy metals & harmful chemicals from the blood.


  • Healthy Energy Boost

Have a few drops of Alien Tears first thing in the morning in a glass of water & it gives you a healthy burst of energy.

  • Lose weight & KEEP losing weight

Due to all the health advantages and the added energy, Alien Tears has helped people lose weight and keep losing weight!

  • How to take

    Drop 3-5 drops in a glass of water and drink first thing in the morning.

    You can have this any time of the day.

  • Ingredients

    Isotonic water, pure chlorophyll from Spirulina and alfalfa.