‘The Hex Breaker’ Spell Jar

‘The Hex Breaker’ Spell Jar

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‘The Hex Breaker’

This blend is most potent used on a New Moon. Sprinkle around your home to break Hexes or carry with you.

Magickal Spell Jar by The Posy Hive

These Spell jars can be used in spell work, burnt, worn or look beautiful displayed. Place in a white bag if you’re looking to carry it.

The glass spell jars have been sealed with gold wax, activated & are ready for immediate use. 

These jars were mixed on 8/8 The Lion’s Gate Portal, So be ready for the additional potency.
Specially crafted & curated in house at The Posy Hive.
Ingredients:  Galangal, Agrimony, Juniper Berries, Gentian & Chilli.