Sweet Foragers Oracle Deck

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SWEET FORAGER'S TAROT TRAVEL WITH THE FOOL THROUGH THE ENCHANTED FOREST Enter the enchanted forest with Sweet Forager's Tarot. This 78-card tarot deck explores the traditional tarot structure through a whimsical and colourful lens, approaching spirituality with a sense of wonder and charm. The cards follow The Fool through the fairytale woods, meeting a diverse cast of characters who help the reader through all of life's hurdles as The Fool learns from each of the character's stories. The artwork in the deck is fantastical but also inclusive of a wide range of bodies, including size, gender and ages. The accompanying guidebook teaches the reader how to approach their query from a new perspective and offers novice readers a variety of card spreads and daily activities to improve their intuitive reading. While this deck follows the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith structure, many of the cards have been updated so they are more accessible to modern readers.