Romance - Rose Incense

Romance - Rose Incense

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Premium Palo Santo incense sticks hand rolled by Peruvian artisans, made from 100% natural ingredients (resin, powder and essential oil from wild harvested palo santo, powdered rose petals and pure rose essential oil is combined with sugar cane water). They have a floral woody fragrance.

This incense has been created with the support of the Peruvian government who are working towards ensuring that all Peruvian Palo Santo is sustainably harvested and shared with the world in an ethical way. The packaging is delicate, earthy toned, with Ispalla's trademark pops of metallic colour, it is 100% recyclable, with zero plastic used.

Each stick has an approximate burn time of 50 minutes.

10 sticks per pack

Description on back of each packet: Surround yourself with an aphrodisiac aroma that renews your energy and wraps your soul in a stimulating and romantic aura. The essence of rose petals bound with palo santo wood make the ideal perfume to relax the body and awaken the senses. Creates a profound relaxation of the body, cleansing the soul's energy and renewing romantic vibes. Builds an emotional connection, stimulating imagination and sensations. 

Handmade by Peruvian artisans.