Lychee & Peony Diffuser 200ml

Lychee & Peony Diffuser 200ml

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Diffusers offer a light fresh background fragrance, ideal for bathrooms and living areas.

Mrs Nargar & Co use a premium quality diffuser base with fragrance oils made here in Australia. Refresh your fragrance once a week by flipping your reeds over, wash your hands after doing this. Be careful not to spill onto a polished furniture surface as it can leave a mark. Avoid contact with skin and wash immediately if you do come in direct contact.

Glass bottles may be re-used around the home for flowers. Simply wash out in hot soapy water and dry. We do not recommend to re-use for food or drink. If you are unable to re-use, place the clean bottle in the recycling bin.

The 200ml size has a height of 15cm, a width of 6.5 cm and lasts 6 – 12 months depending on external conditions.