Healing Lavender Incense Powder

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Fragrance: Lavender

These incense powders have been created to replicate traditional incense burning techniques, whereby pure, plant based ingredients, like resins, herbs, spices, dried flowers and woods were ground down to create a fine powder that could be shaped into a little mound and burnt to create a beautifully fragranced, sacred smoke.

How to Use: Please note that in order to burn these incense powders you simply need to place about 1 teaspoon of the powder into a heat-proof burner. The powder will burn more easily if lightly shaped into a mound. You then light the tip of the mound and allow it to burn for a few seconds before gently blowing out the flame. The incense will slowly begin to smoulder and release its fragrance. 

The incense powders can be mixed in order to create your own blends dependent on the type of ritual you are performing.

Ritual Uses:

This particular incense blend is infused with dried Lavender powder and aromatic oils.

Lavender was used by many ancient civilisations in magical work and heavily for healing purposes. Lavender symbolises love, devotion, purity and grace, it has an immensely soothing energy that aids in relaxation and a return to peace. It soothes broken hearts and eases deep sadness and is often used in chakra balancing, especially the Crown. The smoke created from this incense blend has a calming effect that can ease a heavy heart, relax the entire being, promote a deep sleep and boost immunity.

Made in India