Green 2023 Dreamy Moons Year of Growth Diary

Green 2023 Dreamy Moons Year of Growth Diary

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MADE FOR THE DREAMERS, WRITERS AND CREATIVES - for those who want to dive deeper into their own minds and become the best version of themselves.

2023 Year of Growth Book - a diary with a focus on mindfulness, astrology, gratitude, intention setting, self reflection, creativity and personal growth.
It’s a thick, heavy book for every day journaling that will patiently wait for you on your bedside table or desk. Think of this book as a time capsule of who you are at this moment a time. A keepsake to look back on years in the future.

Created with the most genuine, heart centred intentions, I trust that this book will be a significant addition to your daily routine and the catalyst for your journey to a more grateful, fulfilling mindset.

This diary was lovingly created in collaboration with Daisy Douglas, who wrote all of the astrology sections of the book: the energy reading of 2023, the monthly astrology readings, and New & Full Moon information.