Quartz - Crack Your Own Geode

Quartz - Crack Your Own Geode

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Crack Your Own Crystal Quartz Geode x 1 (Small)

Size: please be aware that sizes vary but start from approximately 150gms and up, please further note that weight does not always mean a larger piece as it depends on the density of the crystal within each piece. They are all completely raw, natural pieces straight from mother earth, no processing has taken place.

They make for wonderful gifts for all ages, giving the person the opportunity to create their own crystal pieces. Clear quartz geodes are beautiful within especially when they are placed in a location where they can capture light or sunlight. They are believed to radiate their pure energy in all directions and as a result are perfect to cleanse the energy within any space. It is also recommended that you place them near your bedside in order to enjoy their healing benefits during periods of rest.

Crystal quartz is a high vibration crystal that can assist in connecting to the spirit realm whilst opening the heart and mind to higher guidance. 

Sourced from Morocco.