Amethyst Runes Set

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The Magical Stones That Revead The Masteries Of Your Life

Runes are alphabetical signs used to be employed in poetry, stone carvings and fortune-telling by many ancient tribes such as Germans, the Celts and the Vikings.

Although they are an alphabet, the Runes never became a spoken idiom.

Each of its signs is a magical symbol. Therefore, the Runes were assume to he a ritual language, becoming the voice of an oracle.


The 25 "little stones" must be put inside the bag and should always be picked one at a time. It is possible that fourteen of them come out upside down. The position is fundamental in this case because it changes the entire meaning, showing different aspects to be considered.

The other eleven Runes left present the same meaning at any position.

While consulting you may never ask questions such as: "Should I do this” about the matter so you will be able to find your own answers.

There are three kinds of consultations. During all of them, the Runes must be placed exactly the way they have been picked. If the stone comes face down, turn it face up. Always place them from right to left.